Why You should learn Spanish ?

Why learn Spanish? When we think of the word, Spanish, or even when we hear it, we visualize the beautiful flamenco dance, the sweet oranges of Andalucía, the aroma of the delicous paella, the breathtaking architecture of Córdoba….and the list is endless. Many people learn Spanish due to its vast importance in the world. Being one of the prime languages of the MUN, Spanish deservingly yearns to be a part of every individual´s language. But that is not enough. Spain comprises of one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and not surprisingly, one should definitely learn the language of the country they are visiting. Clearly, it is evident that Spain´s rich culture is enough for one to opt for this language and excel in it. Apart from this, Spanish is also the easiest language in Europe in terms of its grammar, making it one of the most sought after languages in different schools of the world. Moreover, apart from Spain, Spanish is also spoken in Latin American countries (except Brazil) and the United States of America, where it is the second most spoken language after English. All these reasons for learning Spanish reveal that one should definitely opt for Spanish.

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